Habte Jebessa Debella

Full Name Habte Jebessa Debella
Academic rank Assistant Professor
Working for AAU since 2003
Administrative positions held if any/ past and present Department Head (past)
Education attended B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD., HDP., HDP., Post Graduate Training in Limnology
Awards and Recognitions
  • SIDA SAREK Scholarship for M.Sc.,
  • Advanced Training in Limnology for Developing Countries, Government of Austria.
  • Ruford Small Grant For the Conservation of Nature;
  • Thematic Research Fund 900,000.00 Birr (2008-2009).
  • Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) research award 2017
Membership of International bodies Biological Society of Ethiopia
Publicity: Journals, editorial roles, initiatives, etc Editor of Several Journals from around the world and in Ethiopia (SINET, Journal of Biological Society of Ethiopia).
Research Interest/ not more than hundred words Conservation and management of the natural Resources of Ethiopia mainly wildlife; conservation of the upper Blue Nile Valley (Didessa Valley); Large scale edible high-value microalgae development; sustainable utilization of natural resources;  the role of apiculture in conservation and income generation in western Ethiopia.
Publication on reputable journals
  1. Girma, M.B., Kifle, D., Jebessa, H. 2012. Deep underwater seismic explosion experiments and their possible ecological impact – The case of Lake Arenguade – Central Ethiopian highlands. Limnologica. 42: 212– 219.
  2. Jebessa, H. Some helminthes of the Ethiopian wolf (Canis simensis Rüpell 1840, Canidae) and its prey in the Bale Mountains National Park. SINET: Ethiop. J. Science. 32:81-84.
  3. Debella, H.J. Mass culture of Aphanizomeonon flos-aquae Ralfs ex Born. & Flah. var. flos-aquae (Cyanobacteria) from Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA, in closed chamber bioreactors. Ethiopian J. Biol. Sci. 4: 135 – 145 .
  4. Li, Renhui; Debella, J. H and Carmichael, W. W. 2001. Isolates Identifiable as Arthrospira maxima and Arthrospira fusiformis (Oscillatoriales, Cyanobacteria) appear Identical on the basis of a morphological study in culture and 16S rRNA gene sequences. Phycologia. 40: 367-371.
  5. Kuzmicheva, E.A., Debella, H.J., Khasanov, B.F., Krylovich, O.A., Babenko, A.N., Savinetsky, A.B., Severova, E.E., Yirga, S. 2012. Dung deposits of the afroalpine belt of the Bale Mountains (Ethiopia). British Archaeological Reports. Journal of Environmental Archaeology. 18 (1): 72-81. DOI 10.1179/1461410313Z.00000000018.
  6. Savinetsky, A.B., Babenko, A.N., Debella, H.J., Khasanov, B.F., Kiseleva, N.K., Krylovich, O.A., Kuzmicheva, E.A., Rosen, S., Yirga, S. 2012. Zoogenic deposits in rock shelters from the old world (experience for palaeoecological purposes). British Archaeological Reports. BAR International series 2354.
  7. Debella, Habte J. (2016). New range of African buffaloes (Syncerus caffer Sparrman, 1772) in the upper Blue Nile Valley, Western Ethiopia – a preliminary study. SINET: Ethiop. J. Sci. (in print).
Community services such as board membership, etc.
  • Member of the Joint Ethio-Russian Biological Expedition.
  • Standing main committee member of university industry twinning  at Chemical and Construction Inputs, (የኬሚካልና የኮንስትራክሽን ግብዓቶች ኢንደስትሪ ልማት ኢንስቲትዩት) Federal Industry Development Institute (CCIIDI), Addis Ababa
  • O. Box 31379, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • +25191166 4081
  • e-mail: habte.jebessa@aau.edu.et; habte.jebessa@gmail.com