Gudina Legese Feyisa

Full Name

Gudina Legese Feyisa (PhD)

Education attend

PhD in Geospatial and Environmental Analysis, 2013 (Copenhagen University, Denmark)

MSc  in Sustainable Tropical Forestry, ERASMUS MUNDUS Double Degree Program, 2009 (Copenhagen University- Denmark and Bangor University- UK)

Forestry, 2004 (Wondo Genet College of Forestry, Hawassa University – Ethiopia)

Academic rank

Assistant Prof (2014)

Administrative positions held if any/past and present

· Center Academic Council Secretary (CES, AAU, present)

·   Head of Department (Eco-biology, Addis Ababa Science and Technology University, 2017)

· Director for graduate programs (Addis Ababa Science and Technology University, 2016)

Awards and Recognitions

Memberships of international bodies/ journals- editorial roles initiatives etc.

Thematic Research Grant from AAU (2019)

PhD Scholarship (2010): Competitive PhD scholarship, Denmark

IFS Fund (2010): Competitive research fund, IFS, Sweden

DANIDA Travel Grant (2008): Competitive research travel grant, DANIDA, Denmark

Erasmus Mundus Scholar. (2007): Competitive MSc scholarship, European Commission

Development Innovation Fund (2007): Competitive research fund, World Bank

Certificate of Excellence in teaching (2007): Department of Natural Resource, Jimma University


Member of Coalition of the Willing on the national initiative to contribute to modernization of  Ethiopian Agricultural sector through Geospatial technologies (2019)

Journals Referee (selected)

Review Editor, Frontiers in Sustainable Cities (

Reviewer, Remote Sensing of Environment, Impact factor > 8, as of Dec 2019, ELSEVIER (

Reviewer, Landscape and Urban Planning, Impact factor > 5, as of Dec 2019, ELSEVIER (

Reviewer, Science of Total Environment, Impact factor > 5, as of Dec 2019, ELSEVIER (


Campus: Arat Kilo

Building name: Post Graduate Building

Floor number: 6th

Office room no.:  610

University email ID:

Alternative email ID:

Research interest/not more than hundred words

·   Spatial modeling of environmental changes (climate, urban, soil, forest, agriculture, etc); Ecosystem service modeling, Ecology, hydrology


Publications on reputable journals

Abebayehu A., Dessalegn Obsi Gemeda,, Debela Hunde Feyssa, Dereje Bekele Jiru, Abebe Beyene,

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composition and forest structure in Ethiopia. International Journal of Biodiversity Science,

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technique for surface water mapping using Landsat imagery. Remote Sensing of Environment,

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Feyisa, G.L., Urbanization, urban climate and influence of vegetation: the case of cities in Ethiopia.

Copenhagen University, School of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics. PhD thesis, 2013.

Lu, S., E. Daniels, Feyisa, G.L., A. Rana, and N.L. de la Franca, The impact of climate change on flood

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impacts research: Danish Technical University, 2011, p. 29.

Challachew Abrha, G.L. Feyisa and Debela Hunde, Analysis of land use/cover dynamics in Jimma town,

Southwest Ethiopia: an application of satellite remote sensing. Ethiopian Journal of Applied

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Sheri Shiflett,Liyin Liang, Steven Crum, Feyisa , G.L., Jun Wang and Darrel Jenerette, Variation in the

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Feyisa, G.L., Leo Kris Palao, Andy Nelson, Murali Krishna Gumma, Ambica Paliwal, Khin Thawda Win,

Khin Nge Htar and David E Johnson. Characterizing and mapping cropping patterns in a complex agro-ecosystem: an iterative participatory mapping procedure using machine learning algorithms and MODIS vegetation indices. Remote Sensing of Environment, 2016, RSE-D-16-00403.

Teaching Philosophy

I cultivate interest of students, guide them towards innovative thinking, beyond understanding the basics. I follow student-centered active learning processes.