Laboratories and facilities in the Department

The Department of Chemistry has undergraduate teaching laboratories and laboratories dedicated to staff and postgraduate research. In addition, there are instrument rooms which serve both graduate and undergraduate programs. The Department houses a number of analytical equipment. Most of these are used for research and teaching purposes. Among these are:

400 MHz NMR Spectrometer, GCMSs, GCs, HPLCs, FTIR, Polarimeter, UV-Vis spectrometers, MPLC apparatus, AAS, MEP, XRD, Polarographs, Electrochemical analyzers, Voltammetric analyzer, Apparatus for flow injection analysis, Bi-potentiostat, Galvanostats, Supercritical Fluid Extractor, MSB-MK1 Magnetic Susceptibility Balance, Elemental Analyzer (C,H, N, S), Spectroflurometer-Fully PC based, Edward Auto 306 vacuum Coater with diffusion pumping system, ECoChem, BAS, CHI Electrochemical systems, Model P-6708D 8” Desktop Precision Spin coating system, Oriel Optical Bench with power house lamp housing, Monochromater for Solar energy device characterization, and other equipment.

The Department has a computing center equipped with an eleven-node cluster. There are also a number of desktop computers that are used for teaching, research and other purposes.

The Department has one hardware and one chemical stores at its disposal. It also has a glass blowing workshop and a chemical information center and a reading room for postgraduate and undergraduate students, respectively. It has also liquid nitrogen plant.