Admission requirements

Admission requirements for the program

MSc. level

Candidates who have B.Sc. degree in biology or related fields (areas of applied biology) and meet the general admission criteria of the University are eligible for admission into the M.Sc. program of the Department; when deemed necessary, a candidate may be required to sit and pass entrance examination to be administered by the Department.

 PhD level

The applicant should hold an MSc degree or equivalent in genetics, microbiology and infection biology or related biological field from a recognized academic institution. In addition , when it deems necessary, the Department will give qualifying examination, written or oral, for which the applicant is required to score a ‘pass’ grade as determined by the Department. The general admission requirement will be as per the admission requirements of the Addis Ababa University.

Current number of students

No Programm Number of Students
1 PhD 150
2 MSc 60