Program objectives

The main objective of the MSc./PhD training is to produce biologists with PhD degree who can fill the various positions, in government and private sectors that require highly qualified graduates in genetics, the biology of microorganisms, and the biology of pathogenic agents of plants and animals.

Programs currently offering by DMCMB

BSc. Level MSc Level PhD Level
BSc. In Biology Applied Microbiology Applied Microbiology
Applied Genetics Applied Genetics
Infection Biology Infection Biology


Program Courses

MSc Courses in Microbial, Cellular and Molecular Biology

  1. Courses Common and Compulsory to All the Three Streams
  2. Courses of the Applied Genetics Stream
  3. Courses of the Applied Microbiology Stream
  4. Courses of the Infection Biology Stream

PhD Courses in Microbial, Cellular and Molecular Biology

  1. Common Compulsory Courses
  2. Applied Genetics Stream Courses
  3. Applied Microbiology Stream courses
  4. Infection Biology Stream Courses