Physics is the fundamental science concerned with the observation, understanding and prediction of natural phenomena and the behavior of man-made systems. It deals with profound questions about the nature of the universe and with some of the most important practical, environmental and technological issues of our time. The scope of Physics is broad and encompasses mathematical and theoretical investigation, experimental observation, computing technique, technological application, material manipulation and information processing. Physics seeks simple explanations of physical phenomena based on universal principles stated in concise and powerful language of mathematics. The principles form a coherent unity, applicable to all objects found in nature. Findings in Physics have implications in all walks of life ranging from the way we perceive reality to things of everyday use.

Physicists constantly test the basic laws of nature by probing the unknown, the mysterious and the complex. They also search for new laws at the frontiers of knowledge and systematically seek novel properties of matter. In order to meet these goals, the Department is delivering physics in both the undergraduate (BSc) and graduate (MSc and PhD) programs.

Since its establishment in 1967 (1959 E.C.), the Department has graduated a large number of students in the undergraduate as well as graduate programs. In the 2013/14 A.Y. the Department is hosting about 100 undergraduate and 85 graduate (20 MSc and 55 PhD) students. It is the only Department in the Country which offers a PhD program in Physics. As various universities are mushrooming in the country delivering undergraduate physics programs, the primary objective, at the moment, has shifted to training students in the graduate program, especially in the PhD program.

Currently the Department has four professors, six associate professors, 11 assistant professors and six lecturers who specialize in relatively diverse areas. In addition, it has about 11 support staff (technical and laboratory assistants, secretary, etc.).