The Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate physics program is designed to prepare its graduates who:

  • Are capable of taking positions in the growing demand for the various sectors such as the industry, learning and research institutions, as well as in the various environmental conservation activities of the country;
  • Are ready to enter and complete programs of graduate study in physics and related disciplines;
  • Have sufficient background knowledge and competency to understand and make use of developments in basic science and technology throughout their professional lives;
  • Can disseminate knowledge in physics and related areas through active participation in professional activities, such as the Physical Society of Ethiopia, Regional Networking, Workshops, Symposium, and through publications;Can create job opportunities by applying the knowledge and skills they acquired.
  1. B) The MSc Program

The graduate program is designed for students who would eventually pursue a

career in teaching and/ or research as well as in industry, government and private

organizations. The graduates are thus expected to have:

  • Intellectual and communication skills necessary to present and articulate research findings in verbal and written formats; and
  • Skills of numerical manipulations and data analysis using computer software.

The PhD Program

The main objectives of the PhD program are to:

  • train graduate students who would eventually become academic staff of higher educational and research institutions;
  • initiate, promote, and foster research in various areas of physics.

Admission Requirements

The BSc Program

  • To be admitted to the BSc program in Physics, a candidate should satisfy the general admission requirements of the University and must have at least a pass grade in Physics and Mathematics in the Department Entrance Examination.

The MSc Program

In order to be admitted to the MSc program:

  • The applicant must have a BSc degree in physics;
  • The performance of the applicant in the MSc entrance examination must be satisfactory;
  • The applicant must also meet the general admission requirements of the University.

The PhD Program

In order to be admitted to the PhD program, the applicant must:

  • Have MSc degree in physics, with a minimum CGPA of 3.25;
  • Manage to get a suitable advisor for his PhD dissertation;
  • Also meet the general admission requirements of the University.