Awol Assefa

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Awol Assefa Toib

Academic Rank/Status


Working for AAU since

Since 2016

Administrative positions held if any/ past and present


Education attended

Addis Ababa University

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Research interest/ not more than hundred words

·         Plant response mechanism to different environmental conditions,

·          Plant water relations (water use efficiency of plant/crops, which is one of an adaptation strategies to drought stress)

·         Tree-crop-soil interaction,

·         Plants ecological niche (Mechanism of survival and coexistence of different plants at same time and place)   

Publications on reputable journals

  1. Awol Assefa and Mekbib Fekadu GELAW (2017). Root and shoot growth responses of sorcoll163/07 and sorcoll141/07 sorghum landraces (Sorghum bicolor L.) Moench to different salt concentration levels, African Journal of Agricultural Research, 12 (13): 1128-1135
  2. Dagnachew Lule, Kassahun Tesfaye , Awol Assefa , Masresha Fetene , Kebede Desalegn , Girma Mengistu,  Geleta Geremew , Hailu Feyisa , Kassa Mamo , Chemeda Birhanu , Girma Chemeda , and Gudeta Bedada (2015). Registration of “Addis-01” Finger Millet Variety, East African Journal of Sciences, 9 (2) 141-142
  3. Getahun Yemata, Masresha Fetene, Awol Assefa and Kassahun Tesfaye (2014). Evaluation of the agronomic performance of stay green and farmer preferred sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L) Moench) varieties at Kobo North Wello zone, Ethiopia. Sky Journal of Agricultural Research 3(11), 240 – 248.
  4. Dagnachew Lule, Awol Asefa, Masresha Fetene and Kassahun Tesfaye (2014). Microsatellite variation and grain yield performance of advanced finger millet (Eleusine coracana subsp. coracana) genotypes evaluated under moisture stress environment. Plant Cell Biotechnology and Molecular Biology 15(1&2): 51–66.
  5. Yalew Addisie, Debebe Yared, P. Ashok Kumar, Zewdneh Tomas and Assefa Awol (2012). Traditional Medicinal Plants Used By People in Libo-Kemkem District, South Gondar, Ethiopia. Asian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 4(3) 1-5.
  6. Assefa Awol, Fetene Masresha and Tesfaye Kassahun (2012). “Agro-Morphological, Physiological and Yield Related Performances of Finger Millet [Eleusine coracana (L.) Gaertn.] Accessions Evaluated for Drought Resistance under Field Condition” Asian Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development3(10): 709-720.

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