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Research and Community Service

List of active projects

  1. The Mountain Exile hypothesis project
  2. Speciation Clock – How fast does the ‘speciation clock’ tick in selfing versus outcrossing lineages?”
  3. “Modeling and Genomics Resources to Enhance Exploitation of the Sustainable and Diverse Ethiopian Starch Crop Enset and Support Livelihood”
  4. Tropical Important Plant Areas
  5. Conservation of yams and biocultural knowledge in SW Ethiopia
  6. A plant against hunger-Enset (Ensete ventricosum): Ethnobotany, Nutritional Composition, Phytochemistry, antimicrobial Activities, Genetic Diversity and Climate Change Adaptability
  7. Collaborative learning in biodiversity, excellence in education through two-way North-South mobility
  8. Reclamation of nutrients from source- separated urine in central and southern parts of Ethiopia: a way towards Food security (Thematic 4)
  9. Enset (Ensete ventricosum (Welw.) Cheesman): Ethnobotany, Nutritional Composition, Phytochemistry & Antimicrobial Activities of Selected Medicinally Valued Land races in Southern Ethiopia (Thematic 4)
  10. Selecting and validating a few medicinal plants of Southern parts of Ethiopia: To combat infectious and non-communicable diseases with emphasis on sustaining the plant biodiversity (Thematic 6)
  11. Turning community knowledge to wealth: testing and validating antifungal property of Ziziphus spinachristi
  12. Adaptive ecosystems management
  13. Ancient Environment and cultural Reconstruction in Yeha, northern Ethiopia
  14. Assessing Ecological Change in Central Tigray
  15. Regional Capacity Building for Sustainable Natural Resource Management and Agricultural Productivity under Changing Climate (CAPSNAC) Project period: 2013/14-2017/18; No cost extension in 2019
  16. Legume Diversity Project – Phase Two: Capacity Strengthening for Legume Diversity & Agroecology Research in Ethiopia [Project period: 2018-2019]