Fisseha Itanna

Professor Fisseha Itanna

Full Name Fisseha Itanna
Education attended PhD in Soil Science & Plant Nutrition at University of Hohenheim, Germany
Academic rank Professor
Working for AAU Since 1978
Administrative positions held Associate Dean of Students, Science Faculty (2004-2007)

Assistant Dean of Faculty of Life Sciences (2010-2012)

Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, CNS (2012-2013)



Memberships of international bodies/journals, editorial roles/initiatives etc

Bosch and Lomb Honorary Science Award

Member of GAWN (German Alumni Water Network

Member of International Society for Biogeochemistry of Trace metals

Associate Editor Journal of the Biological Society of Ethiopia

Member of Editorial Board of EJAS

Board Chair of Forum for Environment

Board member of several Christian organizations,

Member of Green Award Committee

Member of Ethiopian Heritage Trust

Vice President of Ethiopian Soil Science Society, etc.


Address Campus: College of Natural Sc/Arat Kilo

Building: Graduate Building

Floor number: 5

Office room no.: 517

Mobile + : 0911-408652


Research interests Assessment of heavy metals in soils and water and investigation of remediation measures; nutrient status of some major soils and their role in food security; new plant germlasm that contribute to food security while at the same time catering for environmental sustainability (eg. Quinoa and amaranth); scaling up the food and nutrition quality through soil amendments (organic or inorganic); metallophytes that could be used for metal remediation; and studies on Selenium as cure for heart diseases and HIV/AIDS.
Publications in reputable journals 1.  Aklilu Asfaw, Mengistu Sime, and F. Itanna. 2013. Determining the extent of contamination of vegetables affected by tannery effluent in Ejersa area of East Shoa, Ethiopia. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications 3(5): 1-7.

2.  Aklilu Asfaw, Mengistu Sime, and F. Itanna. 2012. Determining the effect of tannery effluent on seed germination of some vegetables in Ejersa area of East Shoa, Ethiopia. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications 2(12): 1-10.

3. Prasse, C., W. Zech, F. Itanna, and B. Glaser. 2012. Contamination
and source assessment of metals, polychlorinated biphenyls and polycyclic
aromatic hydrocarbons in urban soils from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry: 1-26, Taylor and Francis.

4.   Itanna, F., M. Olsson and K. Stahr. 2011. Effect of land use changes on soil carbon status of some soil types in the Ethiopian Rift Valley. Journal of the Drylands 4(1): 289-299.

5. Geressu, K., and F. Itanna. 2011. Effects of salinity on days to heading (DTH), days from heading to maturity (DHTM) and days to maturity (DTM) of tef [Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) Trotter] accessions and varieties in Ethiopia. Asian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 3(4):  250-256, Maxwell Scientific Organization.