Tigist Wondimu

Dr Tigist Wondimu

Faculty Template

Full Name Tigist Wondimu Kiflemichael
Academic Rank/Status Assistant Professor
Working for AAU since Since 2004
Administrative positions held if any/ past and present Head Academic Unit (AAU) – 2006

Head, Department of Plant Biology and Biodiversity Management (January 2017 to August 2017)

Education attended BSc – AAU, MSc –AAU, PhD AAU and UiO
Awards & recognitions RPSUD scholarship (for MSc study) and NUFU project scholarship (for my PhD study);

Travel grant awards: 1) AETFAT – 2014 & 2017; 2) IBC-2017 (International Botanical Congress); Evolutionary Biology Montpellier-2018

Memberships of International bodies
Publicity: Journals, editorial roles, initiatives etc. Associate editor of SINET
Research interest/ not more than hundred words My research areas are on molecular plant taxonomy, phylogeny, phylogeography, and biogeography. In addition to this I have the expertise in ethnobotany of useful plants (medicinal, food, and others). My PhD study focused on the history of plant colonization in the afro-alpine environments retrieved using molecular techniques.

In addition to this I have the expertise in ethnobotany of useful plants (medicinal, food, and others). I did my MSc Thesis studying useful plants of the southeastern drylands of Ethiopia. How humans can benefit the best out of these useful plants is always the core issue in my research thinking.

Publications on reputable journals Tigist Wondimu, Abel Gizaw, Tusiime F. M., Masao C. A., Abdi A. Hou, Y., Sileshi Nemomissa, Brochmann C. (2017). Genetic structuring, dispersal and taxonomy of the high alpine populations of the Geranium arabicum/kilimandscharicum complex in Tropical Eastern Africa. PLOS ONE 12: e0178208. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0178208

Tigist Wondimu, Abel Gizaw, Tusiime F. M., Masao C. A., Abdi A. A., Gussarova G., Popp M., Sileshi Nemomissa, Brochmann C. (2014): Crossing barriers in an extremely fragmented system: two case studies in the afro-alpine sky island flora. Journal of Plant Systematics and Evolution 300: 415-430.

Tusiime, F. M., Abel Gizaw, Tigist Wondimu, Masao, C. A., Abdi, A. A., Muwanika, V.,  Trávníček, P. Sileshi Nemomissa, Popp, M., Eilu, G., Brochmann, C., Pimentel, M. (2017). Sweet vernal grasses (Anthoxanthum) colonized African mountains along two fronts in the Late Pliocene, followed by secondary contact, polyploidization and local extinction in the Pleistocene. Journal of Molecular Ecology 26: DOI: 10.1111/mec.14136

Abel Gizaw, Tigist Wondimu, Tusiime F. M., Masao C. A., Abdi A. A., Popp M., Ehrich D., Sileshi Nemomissa, Brochmann C. (2016). Vicariance, dispersal, and hybridization in a naturally fragmented system: the afro-alpine endemics Carex monostachya and C. runssoroensi (Cyperaceae). Journal of Alpine Botany 126:59–71.

Abel Gizaw, Brochmann C., Sileshi Nemomissa, Tigist Wondimu, Masao C. A., Tusiime F. M., Abdi A. A., Ehrich D., Oxelman B., Popp M., Dimitrov D. (2016). Colonisation and diversification in the African ‘skyislands’: insights from fossil-calibrated molecular dating of Lychnis L. (Caryophyllaceae). New Phytologist  211: 719-734.

Mistire Yifru, Tamrat Bekele, Ensermu Kelbessa, Tigist Wondimu (2015). Plant life form classification and distribution at Suba sebeta forest, Ethiopia. Ethiopian Journal of Biological Sciences 14: 69-84.

Masao C. A., Abel Gizaw, Pinẽiro R., Tusiime F. M., Tigist Wondimu, Abdi A. A., Popp M., Gussarova G., Lye K. A., Munishi P., Sileshi Nemomissa, Brochmann C. (2013): Phylogeographic history and taxonomy of some afro-alpine grasses assessed based on AFLPs and morphometry: Deschampsia cespitosa, D. angusta and Koeleria capensis. Journal of Alpine Botany 123: 107-122.

Zemede Asfaw and Tigist Wondimu (2007). Introduction to Ethnobiology: People and the Biota. Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa.

Tigist Wondimu and Sileshi Nemommisa (2012): Comparison of Plant Species Diversity Between the Afro-alpine zones of Bale and Simen Mountains. International Conference on Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystems Services for Climate Change Mitigation and Sustainable Development, Haramaya University, Ethiopia. December 20-22, 2012.

Tigist Wondimu, Zemede Asfaw  and Ensermu Kelbessa (2007). Ethnobotanical Study of Medicinal Plants Around ‘Dheera’ town, Arsi, Ethiopia. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 112: 152-16.

Tigist Wondimu, Zemede Asfaw  and Ensermu Kelbessa (2006): Ethnobotanical Study of Food Plants around ‘Dheeraa’ town. SINET Ethiopian Journal of Science 29: 71-80.

Community Services such as board membership etc. Board member of Women and Girls Support Ethiopia; Executive Director of Enqunesh Life for Life Charity Organization
Address Email: tigist.wondimu@aau.edu, twtigistw@gmail.com

Tel: +251913299052