Dr. Balemwal Atnafu Alemu

Full name  Balemwal Atnafu Alemu
Education attended B.Sc. in Geology (Addis Ababa University) 1987

M.Sc. in Geology( Addis Ababa University) 1991

Ph.D. in Paleontology/Sedimentology (University of Modena, University of Erlangen-Nuernberg) 1998

Academic rank Assistant professor (2002)
 service at AAU Since
September 1988
Administrative positions held Head, Department of Earth Sciences(2006 to 2010)
Awards/recognitions/memberships of international bodies/journals- editorial roles/initiatives etc Associate Editor, SINET Ethiopian Journal of Science (2010 to present)
Address Campus – Science Campus (Arat Kilo)

Building name – Yohannes Building

Floor number – Ground Floor

Office room no – 119

Office tel. – +251 – 239462

Mobile:+251-911- 407112

University email ID: balemwal.atnafu@aau.edu.et

Alternative email ID: balemwal@yahoo.com

Research interests Quaternary paleoenvironmental Changes in the Rift lakes region

Sedimentology of late Jurassic marine carbonates in Ethiopia

Sedimentology of marine carbonates in the Afar

Publications in reputable journals
  1. Balemwal Atnafu and Bonavia F.F. (1991) Precambrian structure and Late Pleistocene strike-slip tectonics around Mega (southern Ethiopia). Journal of African Earth Sciences .13(3/4): 527-530.
  2. Russo, A.; Getaneh A.& Balemwal Atnafu. (1994) Sedimentary evolution of the Abay River (Blue Nile) basin, Ethiopia. N. Jb Geol. Palaeont. Mh .5: 291-308.
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