Dr. Seifu Kebede Gurmessa

Full name Seifu Kebede Gurmessa
Education attended
  • PhD in Isotope Hydrogeology, University of Avignon France
  • MSc in Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology, AAU
  • B.Sc. in Geology and Geophysics, AAU
Academic rank Associate Professor (2012)
 service at AAU since
Working for AAU since 1996
Administrative positions held Present: Head School of Earth Sciences
Awards/recognitions/memberships of international bodies/journals- editorial roles/initiatives etc Professional membership and leadership

  1. 2010: Founding member for G-Wadi-Africa (Network on Water and development information for arid lands, under auspices of UNESCO)
  2. 2007 to present: General Manager of Ethiopian Association of Hydrogeologists
  3. 2008 to present: Member of the Int. Assoc. of Hydrogeologists (membership number 122465)
  4. 2007 to present: Member of the Int. Assoc. of Geochemistry (IAGC) (membership number 10920)
  5. 2007 to present: Member of the Geological Society of Africa

Professional awards/Prizes

  1. 2008: ‘Outstanding contribution in hydrogeology of Africa and Ethiopia‘ CIFEG-African Geological Society Award (citation by: Felix Tetou, President African Geological Society)
  2. 2007: Ebelemen Award- Geochemist of particular merit and outstanding promise under the age of 35, International Association of Geochemistry (Citation by: Andrew Herczeg, CISRO, Australia)
Address Campus: Arat Kilo campus (Science campus)Building name: Yohannes (Geology Old Building)

Floor number: Ground floor

Office room no: 101

Office tel.: 0111220377


University email ID:

Alternative email ID:seifukebede@yahoo.com

Research interests Groundwater Hydrology, Water resources management, Water-food-energy nexus, Isotope hydrology, Climate adaptation, Rural hydrogeology, Geochemistry
Publications in reputable journals Dr Seifu Kebede has published more than 25 peer review papers and one book. Below are some relevant papers:Seifu Kebede, 2012: Groundwater in Ethiopia: Features, numbers and opportunities, 283pp, Springer Hydrogeology Series, ISBN 978-3-642-30390-6, Berlin

Lorrain Coulter, Zemede Abebe, Seifu Kebede, Belay Zeleke, Eva Ludi., 2010. Water-bound Geographies of Seasonality: Investigating Seasonality, Water, and Wealth in Ethiopia through the Household Water Economy Approach in (S. Devereux, R. Sabates-Wheeler and R. Longhurst eds) Seasonality, Rural Livelihoods and Development, ISBN 9781849713252

Seifu Kebede, Yves Travi (2011). The origin of d18O and d2H signal of Meteoric waters in Ethiopia. Quaternary international; 257:4-12.

Seifu Kebede, Girum Admasu, Yves Travi (2011). Estimating ungauged cachment flows from Lake Tana flood plains. Environmental and Health studies, 47: 73-86. ;

Seifu Kebede, Yves Travi and Susanne Stadler (2010). Groundwaters of the Central Ethiopian Rift: Diagnostic trends in trace elements, δ18O, and major elements, Environmental Earth Sciences, 61: 1641-1655.

Seifu Kebede, Abebe Ketema, Zenaw Tesema (2010). Features of groundwaters in basins shared between Ethiopia and Kenya and the implications for international legislation on transboundary aquifers. Hydrogeology Journal, DOI 10.1007/s10040-010-0629-6;

Anja Bretzler, Karsten Osenbrück, Susanne Stadler, Janina Klausd, Seifu Kebede, Richard Gloaguen, (2011 ). Groundwater origin and dynamics in the Main Ethiopian Rift investigated using a multi-isotope approach, Journal of Hydrology doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2011.03.022;

Seifu Kebede; Yves Travi ; Asfawossen Asrat; Tamiru Alemayehu, Tenalem Ayenew and Zenaw Tessema (2009). Groundwater origin and flow along selected mountain-valley transects in Ethiopian rift volcanic aquifers. Hydrogeology Journal DOI 10.1007/s10040-007-0210-0;

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Ayenew , T., Kebede S., and Alemayehu T. (2008) Environmental isotopes and hydrochemical study applied to surface water and groundwater interaction in the Awash River basin. Hydrological Processes Journal DOI 10.1002/hyp.67

Kebede S., Travi, Y; Alemayehu, T., Ayenew, T., 2006. Groundwater recharge, circulation and geochemical evolution in the source region of the Blue Nile River, Ethiopia. Applied Geochemistry, 20: 1658-1676.;

Tamiru A , Tenalem A and Seifu K. (2006) Hydrochemical and lake level changes in the Ethiopian Rift. Journal of Hydrology 316:290-300;

Kebede S., Lamb H.F., Leng M., Telford R., and Umer M. (2002). Lake groundwater relation, oxygen isotope balance and oxygen isotope modeling of the Bishoftu crater lakes. Advances in Global Change Research, 12: 261-276.