Emana Getu Degaga

Name Emana
Father’s name Getu
Grand father’s name Degaga
Education attended 
  • BSc in Plant sciences
  • MSc in Crop Protection/Entomology
  • PhD in Zoology/ Entomology
Academic Rank Associate Professor
Working for AAU  Since 2005
Administrative positions held Insect Science Stream Coordinator
Awards,Recognitions,Memberships of international bodies/ journals – editorial roles/ initiatives etc



USD 500 for the best student paper on the joint conference organized by the Crop Protection Society of Ethiopia and the African Insect Scientists’ society; DADD PhD scholarship Award; 5 CIMMYT projects award; 2 ICIPE projects award; Bio-innovate Project award; AAU Thematic Research award; 4 Science and Technology Projects award; The best instructor award from undergraduate students;Member of the African Insect Scientists’ Society, Member of the African GIS Society; Editorial member of five international Journals
Address Campus:  College of Natural SciencesBuilding: Graduate BuildingFloor number: 3rd

Office room no.: 306

Mobile: + 251 9 11 01 91 66

University email ID: emanag@bio.aau.edu.et

Alternative email ID: egetudegaga@yahoo.com


Research interests  Insects ofagricultural, medical and veterinary importance; pests of cereals, pulses, vegetables and fruits, with special interest in the biological control of stem borers, termites and woolly whitefly.
Publications in reputable journals  More than 43 journal articles in a reputable journals (see my cv)