Ensermu Kelbessa

Full Name Ensermu Kelbessa Worati
Education attained PhD in Systematic Botany, Uppsala University, Sweden (June 1990)

MSc in Botany, Addis Ababa University (July 1982)

BSc in Biology, Addis Ababa University (July 1978)

Academic rank Professor of Systematic Botany
Working for AAU Since August 1978
Administrative positions held ü  Curator of the National Herbarium (ETH) (1995-2010)

ü  Chair, Plant Biology and Biodiversity Management Programme Unit (2010-2012),

ü  Chair, Department of Plant Biology and Biodiversity Management (May 2012-)



Memberships of international bodies/journals, editorial roles/initiatives etc

  • Award from Patenscaften für Biologische Vieltfalt e.V. (BIOPAT), Germany
  • Member of IUCN Species Survival Commission
  • Member of Eastern African Plants Red List Authority
    • Member of the AETFAT (Association pour l’Etude Taxonomique de la Flore d’Afrique Tropicale)
    • Member of the International Association of Plant Taxonomy
    • Founding Member of the Biological Society of Ethiopia; Editorial Committee Member (1994-1996); Executive Committee Member (1996-2000); Vice President (2000-2002); President (2002-2004).
    • Member of the Ethiopian Wildlife and Natural History Society
      • Member of the Natural Products Research Network for Eastern and Central Africa (NAPRECA)
      • Member of Ethiopian Heritage Trust
      • Founding Member and Associate Editor of Ethiopian Journal of Biological Sciences
      • Board Chair of Environment and Coffee Forest Forum (ECFF)
        • Fellow of the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences
        • Member of Editorial Board of Flora of Ethiopia and Eritrea
        • Co-editor of Volumes 5 (2006) of the Flora of Ethiopia and Eritrea, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Uppsala, Sweden
        • Initiator and Leading Founding Member of Gullele Botanic Garden
        • Initiator and Coordinator of a Thematic Research Project titled “Floral and Fungal Diversity, Ethnobotany and Carbon Sequestration of Western and South-western Ethiopia.”


Address Campus: College of Natural Sciences, Arat Kilo

Building: Science Building (National Herbarium and Natural History

Museum )

Floor number: Ground

Office room no.: 101

Office tel.: +251 (0)118-959215

Mobile: + 251(0)911-249379

University email ID: ensermu.kelbessa@aau.edu.et

Alternative email ID: ensermuk2002@yahoo.co.uk

Research interests Plant diversity (discovering, describing and publishing new plant taxa), floristic, plants conservation status assessment, ethnobotany, pollination ecology and vegetation of Ethiopia
Publications in reputable journals 1. Alshaimaa Hassan,, Ali Merito, Souad Hassan, Djaltou Aboubaker,Mahdi Djama, Zemede Asfaw and Ensermu Kelbessa. 2013. Medicinal plants and their uses by the people in the Region of Randa, Djibouti. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 148: 701–713. (Impact Factor: 2.32)

2. Ayana Etana, Teshome Soromessa and Ensermu Kelbessa. 2013. Study of Parthenium hysterophorus L. (Asteraceae) distribution mechanisms and its impacts on soil chemical properties in rangeland of Awash National Park (ANP), Ethiopia. Sky Jour. Sci and Env. Management 2(4): 34-42.

3. E. Lulekal, J. Rondevaldo, J. Cepkova, Z. Asfaw, E. Kelbessa, L. Kokoska and P. Van Damme. 2013. Antimicrobial activity of traditional medicinal plants from Ankober District, North Shewa Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia. Pharmaceutical Biology, Doi: 103109/13880209.2013.858362.

4. Ermias Lulekal, Zemede Asfaw, Ensermu Kelbessa and Patrick Van Damme. 2013. Ethnomedicinal study of plants used for human ailments in Ankober District, North Shewa Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia. Journal of Ethonobiology and Ethnomedicine 9(63): 1-27, Doi: 10.1186/1746-4269-9-63.

5. Fekadu Gurmessa, Teshome Soromessa and Ensermu Kelbessa. 2013. Floristic composition and community analysis of Komto Afromontane Moist Forest, East Wollega Zone, West Ethiopia. STAR Journal 2(2): 58-69.