The School has more than 24 studio spaces, two lecture rooms, a well-furnished and well-equipped auditorium space that can accommodate up to 120 people. It also has good lighting and sound system, and major presentation materials. There is a wood and metal workshop equipped with major workshop materials.

The school has also managed to develop a Digital Fabrication Laboratory, FabLab Addis, in its compound with a full financial support from theSpanish Agency and educational flow from MIT. The FabLab studio and workshop has fully been equipped with high-tech materials and has already started to function mainly for three major institutions under the Addis Ababa University: Alle School of Fine Arts and Design, Institute of Technology and Architecture Campus.

There are two art collection stores in the school:

  • Store one: art collection for historical and research purposes;
  • Store two: art collection for salable art works.

The school has been jointly working with IBIS, a Canadian nongovernmental organization and Jonquiere University to establish a multimedia Center in the school. This center is intended to support the film program activities as an input, to serve each department and center under the school, especially for students’ graduation-year project, research and documentation activities, provision of short training (for six months and/or one year) under a certificate program in multimedia and digital effects; for students in the University and interested professional individuals from outside the institution.

 There is a separate foundry space and equipment for bronze casting and a fully functioning ceramic studio.