Undergraduate Programs

There are Five Undergraduate Programs:

  1. Painting Unit
  2. Sculpture Unit
  3. Printmaking Unit
  4. Design Unit
  5. Art Education Unit

Graduate Programs

There are Two new Graduate Programs:

  1. Master of Arts in Fine Arts
  2. Master of Arts in Film Production

In-service Summer Program

Program objectives:

  • To provide broad-based and time-fitting creative knowledge and artistic skills in various Fine Art and Design subjects;
  • To produce graduates who have profound and creative practice, mastery of theory and research ability in contemporary art;
  • To produce competent practicing professionals in the film production area who will be concerned with and engage in various social issues.

Graduate Profile:

The graduates of the School are trained to become:

  • Competent and critical artists, designers and art educators;
  • Professional artists, curators, teachers, creative writers, researchers, art historians and art critics;
  • Creative professionals, teachers, filmmakers, film festival organizers, advertizing and promotional experts and researchers.