The cultural center, previously known as the Creative Arts Center, opened in 1963, is the first of series of attempts at Addis Ababa University and Ethiopia to provide a center for experimental drama and actor training. The Center has been serving the university and the wider public for more than 50 years gaining a prestigious acclaim from the people who participated and observed in the activities of the center. The cultural center aims to entertain and participate in the wider university community including students and staff members. It also provides a platform for students to promote their artistic and creative skills in different manners using poetry, theater, film and different cultural gatherings a means.

The following are the main aims of the cultural center: –

–       Entertaining the university community with different artistic engagements,

–       Providing students an opportunity to engage themselves with extracurricular activities that can enrich their artistic and creative behaviors

–       Conducting trainings, workshops, seminars and conferences for students, academics and the wider community on different artistic endeavors.

–       Engaging in cultural and professional exchange with different cultural centers in the country and outside of the country.