Overview of Yared

Previously known as the National School of Music, Yared was the first music teaching higher institution in Ethiopia. It was founded in 1954 by the then Ministry of Education & Fine Arts as a full-fledged state-owned learning center for higher music training in the country. The Yared School of Music is the first and remains a prominent music school in Ethiopia. It was renamed to the Yared School of Music in 1969, in honor of the Ethiopian saint of music Saint Yared. The school was administered by different government bodies. In 1998 Yared joined Addis Ababa University to become a degree awarding institution, granting Bachelor of Art in Music degree.

The Yared School of Music has played a vital role in generating Ethiopia’s music professionals. The school runs with a mandate, ‘to train music teachers and professional musicians, promote cultural exchanges, impart social prestige to the profession, and educate the public.

Yared School of Music

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