Ezera Abate Yimam

Full Name – Ezera Abate Yimam

Education attended

  • MA, Music Pedagogy Composition, Plovdiv Music Academy, Bulgaria, 1987
  • MA, Curriculum & Instruction, Addis Ababa University, 2002
  • MA, Regional &local Dev. Studies, Addis Ababa University, 2007
  • PhD Candidate, Institute for Peaces & Security Studies, AAU

Academic rank – Lecturer

Working for AAU – Since 1990

Administrative positions held – Head, Theory Department, Director Yared School of Music

Awards, Recognitions and Memberships

  • Member –International Society of Music Education
  • Certificate of the International Olympic Commute, 1999
  • Certificate of Acknowledgement from Poland Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Campus: Yared School of Music

Floor: 1st floor

Office room no.: 15

Office tel.: 0111 234447/48/9

Mobile:+251 09 216678

University email: ezra.abate@aau.edu.et

Alternative email ID: ezrabate@yahoo.com

Research interest

  • Musical culture of Ethiopia
  • Music E. Conflict transformation
  • Conflict E. Governance
  • Peace Building
  • Ethnic conflict

Publications in reputable journals

  • Analysis of Ethiopian Scale Structure, Proceedings of Ethiopian Studies Conference, Norway
  • Conflicted Dimensions of Large Scale Agricultural Investment in Ethiopian, Gambella case study (co-author)