Wondwosen Melakeselam Tefera



Full  name Wondwosen Melakeselam Tefera
Education attended
  • Diploma, Suited Graphics Art, School of Fine Arts, AAU, 1997
  • BFA (with great destination), Visual Communication,  2010
Academic rank Assistant Lecturer June 01,2012
Working for AAU Since 2010
Journals – editorial roles/ initiatives etc Ethiopian Herald Newspaper, 2008
Campus: Alle School of  Fine Arts
Building name: ASFD  
Office room no.: 49     
Mobile: +251-0911-42-93-03
University email ID: wondeselam@gimall.com 


Publications in reputable journals
  • 1974  Group exhibition international community (ICS)
  • 1997    “           “           AAU Fine Art Design School
  • 2002    “           “           AT Alliance Ethio-Francais under the title “artist portralt”
  • 2002 Group exhibition AT Alliance Ethio-Francais under the title “Eswa”
  • 2003 Group exhibition At Alliance Ethio-Francais under the tattle the 6th Ethiopian music festival
  • 2007 Group Exhibition at the First Pan-African Cultural Congress at Africa Union (AAU)
  • 2008 Solo Exhibition at the Ethiopian National Theater
  • 2008 Group exhibition at Goethe Institute Felega 2