Research & community services

Several group and individual researches have been carried out by the Center’s staff members on various topics. The current status of the Center’s research activities can be categorized as participation in thematic research, ongoing research, full-fledged proposal, and planned proposal as presented by topic below:

  1. Thematic and adaptive research participation by staff members
  1. Four staff members along with staff from other departments won AAU grant for thematic research project titled Inclusive Urban Development as an Option for Enhancing Urban Resilience in Ethiopia. (One of the staff members is serving as PI);
  2. One staff member won AAU grant for adaptive problem-solving research project titled “Adaptive Governance as a Means for Managing Informal Settlements and Building Resilience in Ethiopia;
  3. One staff member in collaboration with Jigjiga University is engaged in a Mega research project titled Building Climate Resilient Pastoral Livelihoods through Adaptive Social Protection: the Case of Somali Region;
  1. Full-fledged proposals awaiting funding
  1. The Impacts of Cross-Border Migration on Regional Cooperation and Integration in the Horn of Africa;
  2. Trafficking in Person and Cross-Border Migration: The Case of Ethiopian Informal Workers in the Sudan.

As far as community services goes, the Center has identified an area to create awareness about renowned African History, Personalities, African indigenous wisdom and resources, Political-economy and society in one of the high schools in Addis Ababa and in the long run establish Africa Desk in the schools.