Facilities for academic purpose

In the laboratory of the Department of Archaeology and Heritage Management, there are collections of casts for practically teaching students human biological and evolution ranging from primates (guerilla and chimpanzee) to modern humans (Homo sapiens). We do alsohave a complete skeleton to teach students human anatomy. It also houses collections of stone tools ranging from Early Stone Age to Late Stone Age and Microliths. The stone tool collections are important to teach students classification/typology and chronology of the pre-historic period. In addition, there are pottery fragments in the laboratory collected for the purpose of demonstration on how diagnosis on pottery is done (fabric, decoration technique, pattern, relative dating, and drawing).

In the laboratory, there are also microscopes, scales, excavation kits, computers, reference books and journals, which are all important for practical and comparative study. Currently, we are in the process of building rich comparative plant collections for the purpose of Archaeobotanical investigation.