Research and Community Services

The Department of Geography and Environmental Studies is conducting research basically on three thematic areas which include:

  1. Urban & Regional Development and management thematic areas.

○Urban growth, development planning, and management

  • Urban poverty
  • Urban environment
  • Urban governance and administration
  • Urban growth
  • Urban systems and rural-urban linkages
  • Planning and managing urban services and housing

                         ○ Regional growth, development planning and management

  • Regional governance, and decentralization
  • Dynamics of regional growth and development
  • Regional development policy and planning
  • Regional specialization, competitiveness and inter and intra-regional linkages
  1. Resources analysis and management and the application of GIS and Remote Sensing.

            ○ The process and extent of land degradation

                  ○ The causes, consequences and implication of land degradation

                  ○ Management of land resources

                  ○ Livelihood and food security

  1. Sustainable rural livelihoods and food security

            ○ Challenges of population dynamics and poverty on food security and the environment

                   ○ Role of women in sustainable rural livelihoods and resource management

                   ○ Integration of indigenous knowledge in assuring food security and sustainable

                       resource management

                   ○ The need for enabling institutions for sustainable rural food security and


                   ○ Understanding and analyzing rural household economy for diversification.