Partners & Collaboration

The Department has relationships with different universities and research institutions inside the country as well as abroad. One of the important collaboration agreements is a joint collaboration project with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and the University of Napoli L’Orientale. This collaboration has designed a project on “Returning and Sharing memories: Towards a Joint Study of the Ethio-Italian Common Past”. The project seeks to collect primary documents such as diaries and photographs and relating to the Italian occupation of Ethiopia and make these available to researchers in both countries. The project has made some way in the discovery of valuable materials that shed light on the common history of the two nations. The Department has also a partnership with the University of Napoli L’Orientale. This supports the exchange of scholars and students. Many Ph.D. students have been supported by this collaboration through which they travel to Italy, polish up their language skills, use Italian archives and take part in seminars. Italian scholars have also come to AAU to help with teaching courses and build up new programs especially in archaeology.

Within the country, the Department has collaboration with the French Center in Addis Ababa. The Center and the Department have organized lectures and seminars on such topics as Pan-Africanism and slavery. The Department plans to extend its collaboration with other institutions in the future and is discussing plans to establish close relations with the Universities of Pavia and Roma Tre. It also plans to work closely with the regional universities and the National Archives and Records Agency.