Courses: Undergraduate Program

The History BA program is composed of five areas of training. They are historiography and historical methodology, Ethiopian history, African history, history of the Middle East and of the Islamic world, and History of the (rest of the) World. The latter is broken down into history of the ancient world, history of Europe, history of the Americas, history of Asia and survey history of global developments since 1945. The distribution of courses among these areas of training reflects greater focus on Ethiopia and Ethiopia’s historical problems, but also historically locates our country in its immediate regional and continental settings as well as in the evolving global order. The focus on Ethiopia can be gauged not just from the number of Ethiopia-specific courses and the diversity of the issues in Ethiopian history that they deal with, but also from the insertion of Ethiopia-related materials in other courses, be it regional, continental or global.

  Admission Requirements: Undergraduate Program

The admission of students into the BA Program is handled by the University.

Admission Requirements: MA, Regular Program

Eligibility for the MA Program in History is as determined by the Addis Ababa University Senate and the School of Graduate Studies. The minimum requirement for eligibility is possession of BA degree in History, withpreference to those who have written a senior essay.

Admission Requirements: MA, Kiremt Program

Applicants to the program are required to:

  • have a BA/BED degree in History
  • Meet the requirements set by the MoE and the Graduate School
  • Pass the entrance exam set by the Department

Admission Requirements: PhD

An applicant is required to have

  •  MA in History from AAU or other Universities. However, the Department reserves the right to withhold admission if it finds the program of study earlier followed by an applicant not a sufficient preparation for the PhD program.
  • MA in a discipline related to History and with a thesis of historical import deemed to be of acceptable standard by the Department Graduate Committee (DGC).
  • A certified knowledge of French, Italian or German. Another foreign language will be accepted as meeting this requirement only if the main language to be employed for the thesis topic selected. In cases where thesis research is to be based largely on oral sources, mastery of the local language (s) necessary for oral data collection could be accepted as having met the language requirement.

As part of the application for admission, the candidate must submit his/her curriculum vitae and a comprehensive statement of purpose. The latter should include: the candidate’s research experience, his/her area of specialization, sponsorship and the reasons for the interest in pursuing the PhD program in History.

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