Research and Publications

The Department is engaged in different research projects in collaboration with different partners. One of the most successful research projects was carried out in collaboration with the University of Naples in Italy. This involved the collection of oral and archival materials as well as supporting graduate students’ research. The project has been successful in the production of quality theses and sponsored the establishment of the Department’s archival center in Adama. At present, the Department is preparing a broad thematic research project under the rubric “Population Movements in Ethiopian History”.

Departmental members and graduate students have also been engaged in individual research and published their works as books, articles in journals and proceedings. The proceedings of the following annual seminars have also been published:

  • Proceedings of the Third Annual Seminar of the Department of History (Addis Ababa, 1986)
  • Proceedings of the Fourth Seminar of the Department of History (Addis Ababa, 1989)
  • Proceedings of the Fifth Seminar of the Department of History (Addis Ababa, 1990)