Consultanc & Training

Senior faculty members at the department have been serving as government policy advisors and consultants on issues of national and regional importance. The staff at large have rendered and continue to render consultancy services for various government higher education institutions like the newly emerging universities and other stakeholders like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Water, Mines and Energy, the Ministry of Federal Affairs as well as International and local NGOs. Besides, they have been involved in the preparation of the curriculum and course syllabus of the Foreign Service Institute established under the trusteeship of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and trained Foreign Service trainees since then. They have also lent their expertise to various public universities in developing curricula.

Public, private and non-governmental organizations who seek consultancy and training services can benefit from the wealth of expertise of the staff of the Department on issues including, among others, democratization, decentralization, rural development, agricultural investment, pastoral livelihoods, resource management, hydro politics, conflict, conflict resolution, peace building, policies and institutions of conflict management, human rights, migration and transnationalism, civil society, governance, media and politics, electoral politics as well as gender in the context of Ethiopia and the wider horn of Africa region.