Partners & Collaboration

The Department of Social Anthropology has two projects which are currently active.Through these projects the Department has collaborated with several institutions. The projects are:

  1. Wenner-Gren Foundation’s Institutional Development Grant, which the Department won in 2013, is a very competitive grant as the Foundation awards one grant annually tocompeting institutions around the world. As a result of the grant, the Department gets 25,000 USD every year for five years (2013-2017). With this grant the Department invites three senior professors every year from three partner universities: Bayreuth and Frankfurt Universities in Germany and Florida University, USA. These senior professors teach and advice PhD students and give seminars. Besides, the Department uses the grant to organize annual PhD workshop; top up PhD students’ fieldwork and purchase some basic fieldwork equipment.
  1. “Borderland Dynamics in East Africa: a network program for capacity building within departments of Social Anthropology in East African Universities”. This project is also another very competitive grant the Department won from Norwegian development aid – NORAD – under their new scheme called Norwegian Higher Education Development (NORHED) in partnership with two East African Universities (Makerere and Khartoum) and the University of Bergen and Christen Michelson Institute from Norway.  With this the Department gets more than four million NOK in five years (2014-2018). The major components of the project are scholarship for PhD and MA students, small IT and infrastructural developments and community services.