Research & Community Service

SOAN senior staff members provide extensive community services in diverse areas where anthropological knowledge and expertise are needed. They serve as board members, advisors and appear on public media outlets on topical issues of socio-cultural importance.

The Department has been providing community services on different issues of contemporary relevance in different parts of the country. Three staff members have been engaged in research activities in different Woredas of the Siltie Zone, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Regional State. They have finalized their research on three topics: 1) Indigenous Time Reckoning System, 2) The Implications of Cultural Institutions and Practices for Development; 3) Assessment of Siltie Cultural Heritages. The findings of the studies were presented on the 8th and 9th symposia of the Siltie culture, language and history held in 2013 and 2014 respectively

Currently, as a part of the NORHED project, the Department is engaged in a community-based dialogue focusing on opportunities and challenges of the borderland communities. The first borderland community-based dialogue was held in Moyale town on 20 December 2014. The participants of the one-day discussion included: seven academic staff members and six (four MA and two PhD) students involved in the project, representatives of the communities and government offices of the Borena zone of Oromia National Regional State and Liben zone of the Somali National Regional States. The policy brief on the community-based dialogue on four topical issues of contemporary borderland dynamics viz. pastoralism, conflict, cross-border trade and cross border migration/human trafficking is being finalized. The department has planned to carry out the second borderland community-based dialogue in Metema town, Northwestern Ethiopia.