Seminar and Conferences

The Department of Social Anthropology has been organizing seminars on different issues. The seminars have been organized on monthly, bi-monthly and annual bases focusing on topical issues and targeting diverse participants and audiences including senior faculty members, PhD and MA students. Some of the seminars are department-based while others involve international collaborations. The major seminars organized by the department are:

  1. SOAN bi-monthly Seminar: This is a forum for senior faculty members, senior researchers and academics from aboard, and researchers conducting fieldwork in Ethiopia affiliated to SOAN to present their findings or papers of theoretical and methodological relevance to anthropology.
  2. SOAN Annual PhD Seminar: PhD students present their preliminary fieldwork report and receive comments and critiques from faculty members and senior PhD students.
  3. SOAN-French Center Seminar: This is a newly started seminar series based on the collaboration between the Department of Social Anthropology and the French Center for Ethiopian Studies. It is a monthly seminar held at the College of Social Sciences and the French Center alternatively. This seminar has attracted participants from other academic institutions and universities.
  4. SOAN Borderlands Seminars (forthcoming): A series of seminars are being planned in the context of the forthcoming borderlands project financed by NORAD.