Temesgen Burka

photo notName:  Temesgen

Father’s name: Burka

Grand father’s name: Bortie

Education Attended:

B.A.,   History (A history of Finchaa Hydroelectric Power, Department of History, AAU, 2000)

MA.,  Archaeology (The Role of Museums and Galleries in Ethiopia, Department of History, Archaeology Unit, AAU, 2004

M.Phil Archaeology (An Ethnoarchaeological Study of Iron Smelting in Ethiopia, western Ethiopia, University of Bergen, Norway 2006)

PhD, Archaeology (The Archaeology of Iron Production in Ethiopia: Ethnoarchaeometallurgical case studies from Wollega, University of Naples Oriental studies, Italy, 2011)

Academic rank: Assistant Professor

Working at AAU: Since 2006

Administrative position held:  Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, CSS

Community Service: President, Archaeology and Paleontology Association-Ethiopia,   since December 2012.


Campus: Main (College of Social Sciences)

Floor: 2nd

Office room no.: 214

Mobile: +251 911 415726

E-mail: temesgen.burka@aau.edu.et

Research interest

Ethnoarchaeology of iron production in Ethiopia, Iron Age archaeology, heritage management, particularly museum studies, indigenous knowledge area studies, and Ethiopian history.

List of Recent Publications:

Temesgen Burka and Giardino, C. 2013.Production vs. Destruction: Ethnoarchaeological Considerations on the Ideological Role of Metals in the Oromo Society and in Antiquity’ BAR International Series 2472 2013 pp.88-99.

Temesgen Burka Bortie. 2012. ‘Technological variability in iron metallurgy: the case of two Oromo traditional smelting sites in Wollega, Ethiopia’ BAR International Series 2395 2012 pp.217-226

Temesgen Burka Bortie. 2011. ‘An Experimental Reconstruction of the Wollega

Smelting  Furnace and its Application at the Center for Experimental

Archaeology, Blera, Italy’. Nyame Akuma 75: 51-60.

Temesgen Burka Bortie. 2010. Cultural aspects of metallurgy in Ethiopia: the case

of Iron production in Wollega. In Archaemetallurgia dalla conoscerza alla

             fruizione, edited by ClaudioGiardion (ed.), Congedo editor, Galatina.

Temesgen Burka Bortie. 2009. ‘Why the Tumtuu is not marginalized: new

perspectives on the positions of smiths in western Ethiopia, Wollega’.

Nyame Akuma 72: 12-20.

Temesgen Burka Bortie. 2008/2009. “Qaalluu, smith and metal: traditional conflict

resolution mechanisms in the medium of metals among the Oromo of northeast Wollega, Ethiopia” in Journal of social Sciences and Humanities, Addis Ababa University. PP.25-43.

Temesgen Burka Bortie. 2008. ‘Some aspects of furnace shape and decorations

among the Oromo Iron Smelters of West Wollega, Ethiopia’. Nyame Akuma

            69: 2-10.