Tesema Taa

Name:  Tesema

Father’s Name: Taa

Gradfather’s Name: Woyessa


Campus: Main

Building: CSS

Room No. 214

Office Tel.: 0111239723

Mobile: 0911-48-54-86

E-Mail: tesemataa@yahoo.com

Education:                 BA, History, Addis Ababa University, 1976

MA, History, Addis Ababa University, 1980

Ph.D., History, Michigan state University, 1986

Academic Rank:      Professor (Since 2009)

Working for AAU since 1976

Administrative Positions held:

 Dean, CSS,    1994 -1997

Associate Dean of the Extension Division,

Assistant Dean, CSS

 Research Interest:   Globalization and Africa; how can Africa benefit from globalization; indigenous knowledge on environment: the case of the Oromo; reconciling traditional institutions and modern systems of governance among the Borana and Nuer.

Recent Publications:

“Belief Systems among the Oromo: Waaqeffanna, Christianity and Islam.”

“Africa and Globalization: An Overview”

“Some Notes on How Africa may benefit from Globalization.”