Woldeamlak Bewket


 Full Name Woldeamlak Bewket Alemayehu
Tel No. + 251 (0) 911 608122
Office Location (address) AAU Main Campus; CSS Building, 2nd Floor , Office No. 299
Research Interest Environmental change, environmental & natural resources management, climate change adaptation, rural livelihoods
  • PhD in Production Ecology & Resource Conservation (Wageningen University, The Netherlands, Sep. 2003);
  • MA in Geography (AAU, Ethiopia, July 1998);
  • BA in Geography (AAU, Ethiopia, July 1994)
Publications in journals (Selected publications since 2010)
  1. Daniel Mengistu, Woldeamlak Bewket and R. Lal. In press. Conservation effects on soil quality and climate change adaptability of Ethiopian watersheds. Land Degradation & Development.


  1. Mekonnen Adnew and Woldeamlak Bewket. In press. Trends and spatial patterns of drought incidence in the Omo-Ghibe River Basin, Ethiopia. Geografiska Annaler: Series A, Physical Geography


  1. Alemayehu Muluneh, Birhanu Biazin, L. Stroosnijder, Woldeamlak Bewket and S. Keesstra. In press. Impact of predicted changes in rainfall and atmospheric carbon dioxide on maize and wheat yields in the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia. Regional Environmental Change.


  1. Berhan Gessesse, Woldeamlak Bewket and A. Bräuning. In press. Model-based characterization and monitoring of runoff and soil erosion in response to land-use/land-cover changes in the Modjo watershed, Ethiopia. Land Degradation & Development.


  1. Solomon Gebreyohannis, Woldeamlak Bewket and K. Bishop. 2014. Community perceptions of forest-water relationships in the Blue Nile Basin of Ethiopia. GeoJournal 79: 605-618.


  1. Mekonnen Adnew and Woldeamlak Bewket. 2014. Variability and trends in rainfall amount and extreme event indices in the Omo-Ghibe River Basin, Ethiopia. Regional Environmental Change 14: 799-810.


  1. Daniel Mengistu, Woldeamlak Bewket and R. Lal. 2014. Recent spatiotemporal temperature and rainfall variability and trends over the Upper Blue Nile River Basin, Ethiopia. International Journal of Climatology 34: 2278-2292.


  1. Solomon G. Gebrehiwot, A. Gärdenäs, K. Bishop, Woldeamlak Bewket, J. Seibert, and U. Ilstedt. 2014. The long-term hydrology of East Africa’s water tower: Statistical change detection in the watersheds of the Blue Nile Basin. Regional Environmental Change 14: 321-331.


  1. Solomon G. Gebrehiwot, Woldeamlak Bewket, Gärdenäs and K. Bishop. 2014. Forest cover change over four decades in the Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia: comparison of three watersheds. Regional Environmental Change 14: 253-266.


  1. Mehretie Belay and Woldeamlak Bewket. 2013. Traditional irrigation and water management practices in highland Ethiopia: case study in Dangila woreda. Irrigation & Drainage 62: 435-448.


  1. Arega Bazezew and Woldeamlak Bewket. 2013 Analysis of vulnerability to food insecurity in drought-prone areas of the Amhara Region of Ethiopia: case study in Lay Gaint woreda. Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review 29: 25-49.


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  1. Mehretie Belay and Woldeamlak Bewket. 2013. Farmers’ livelihood assets and adoption of sustainable land management practices in northwestern highlands of Ethiopia. International Journal of Environmental Studies 70: 284-301.


  1. Ermias Teferi, Woldeamlak Bewket, S. Uhlenbrook, and J. Wenninger. 2013. Understanding recent land use and land cover dynamics in the source region of the Upper Blue Nile, Ethiopia: Spatially explicit statistical modeling of systematic transitions. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 165: 98-117.


  1. Woldeamlak Bewket. 2012. Climate change perceptions and adaptive responses of smallholder farmers in central highlands of Ethiopia. International Journal of Environmental Studies 69: 507-523.


  1. Degefie Tibebe and Woldeamlak Bewket. Surface runoff and soil erosion estimation using the SWAT model in Keleta watershed, Ethiopia. Land Degradation & Development 22:551-564.


  1. Woldeamlak Bewket. 2011. Farmers’ knowledge of soil erosion and control measures in the northwestern highlands of Ethiopia. African Geographical Review 30: 53-70.


  1. Dawit Alemu, Woldeamlak Bewket, Gete Zeleke, Yemisrach Assefa and P. Trutmann. 2011. Extent and determinants of household poverty in rural Ethiopia: a study of six villages. Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review 27: 21-49.


  1. Woldeamlak Bewket and Dawit Alemu. 2011. Farmers’ perceptions of climate change and its agricultural impacts in the Abay and Baro-Akobo river basins, Ethiopia. Ethiopian Journal of Development Research 33:1-28.


  1. Ermias Teferi, S. Uhlenbrook, Woldeamlak Bewket, J. Wenninger, Belay Simane. 2010. The use of remote sensing to quantify wetland loss in the Choke mountain range, upper Blue Nile basin, Ethiopia. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 14: 2415-2428.
Academic Rank Professor
Working for AAU Since Sep. 1994
Administrative Positions Held at AAU
  • Dean, CSS (since Nov. 2014)


  • Head, Dept. of GeES ( 2006 – Apr. 2008 and Aug. 2014 – Oct. 2014)
University Email woldeamlak.bewket@aau.edu.et
Alternative Email woldebewket@gmail.com