Dr. Dinka Ayana

Full name:      Dr. Dinka Ayana 
Tel:  00 251 911 24 25 39Email : dinka.ayana@aau.edu.et


Office location: Bishoftu campus, College of Veterinary Medicine and AgricultureDean’s Office Building, 1st floor
Research Interest: Strong motivation and interest on parasitic livestock diseases of economic and public health importance. Special emphasis on Veterinary Protozoology. Currently, engaged in research projects focusing on major protozoal diseases of livestock and possible control strategies.Research projects so far accomplished:

  • Study on small ruminants coccidia in three different agro ecology of Ethiopia (Funded by Addis Ababa University)
  • Development of effective and safe plant based drug against animal skin diseases with
  • Particular emphasis to mange mites and lice (Joint project with Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute)
  • Survey of liver fluke infections in domestic ruminants in and around Debre –Zeit, Ethiopia (Funded by Addis Ababa University)
Education: DVM, MSc
List of recent publications:
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