Hailu Elias


Main Campus, Registrar Building

Office No: 308

Telephone: +251(0)922123428


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Name Hailu Elias
Education Ph.D. in Economics
Rank Assistant Professor
AAU experience Since 2009
Positions held Rural Development Research Unit Head
Award (recognition)
Professional Membership Member of the Ethiopian Economics Association
Research Interest areas Agricultural and rural development, Climate Change, Industrial Economics, Transport Economics, financial sector development and public sector Economics.
Selected Publications

1.      Keili A., Elias H., and Bekele K. (2021) “Artisanal and small scale mining in Ethiopia: Scoping study for a Comprehensive Survey”; International Growth Center (IGC); March 2021; Can be downloaded from:

2.      Elias H., Alemu A., and Kuma T. (2021) “Economic costs of the recent violent political unrest on the Ethiopian economy: Policy actions for revival and beyond”, Working paper, Policy Studies Institute.

3.      Elias H. and Alemu A. (2021) “Intergovernmental fiscal transfer in Ethiopia: Guidelines for Infrastructure development and distribution across regions” FDRE House of Federations (HoF).

4.      Elias H., and Kuma T., (2020), “Analysis of Agro-ecological Variation of Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change in Ethiopia”, Working paper, Policy Studies Institute and University of Copenhagen, Denmark

5.      Bekele, M., Bezabih, M., Elias, H., Fiscker, P., Gebrehiwot, T., Kuma, T., Mekasha, T., Mekonnen, A., Tarp, F., Teklewold, H. (2020).  “Building Resilience to Climate Change in Ethiopia What do we know so far?”  Development Economics Research Group (DERG), University of Copenhagen, Working Paper Series 01-2020, ISSN 2597-1018

6.      Asrat F., Bezabih M., Elias H., Alemu G., and Woldehanna T. (2020) “Vulnerability to Drought from Spatial and Temporal Perspectives Using Rainfall and NDVI data: A Case Study from Selected agricultural and pastoral rangelands of Ethiopia”, Proceeding of the 17th international conference on the Ethiopian Economy, pp. 301-318.

7.      Elias H., Asrat F., Bezabih M., Alemu G., and Woldehanna T. (2020) “Information, Education and Communication, gender differences and uptake of adaptation technologies with differing information content” Working paper; Institute of Development and Policy Research, Addis Ababa University.

8.      Bezabih M., Elias H., Asrat F., Alemu G. and Woldehanna T. (2020) “Land Certification and Internal Migration: Evidence from Rural Ethiopia” Working paper; Institute of Development and Policy Research, Addis Ababa University.

9.      Endale K., Elias H., Bezabih M., Asrat F., Alemu G., and Woldehanna T. (2020) “Land certification, gender and soil conservation as a climate change adaptation tool” Working paper; Institute of Development and Policy Research, Addis Ababa University.

10.  Elias, H. (2019), “Impact of Credit Constraints on Agricultural Productivity in the face of Climate Variability: Panel Data Evidence from Rural Ethiopia”, Ethiopian Journal of Economics.

11.  Elias, H. (2018), “Multiple Credit Constraints and Borrowing Behaviour of Farm households: Panel data evidence from rural Ethiopia”, Ethiopian Journal of Economics, 27(1): 57-90.

12.  Bezabih, M., and Elias, H. (2018), “The Land Certification Program in Ethiopia: A Review of Achievements, Constraints and Opportunities”, Book chapter in: Berck, Cyndi S., Peter Berck and Salvatore Di Falco (eds.): Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change in Africa: Food Security in a Changing Environment. Gothenburg, Sweden; Oxford, UK; and Washington, DC: Environment for Development and Resources for the Future/Routledge. 

13.  Elias H., Bezabih, M., and Ferede, T., (2017) “The Impact of Credit Constraints and Climatic Factors on Choice of Adaptation Strategies Evidence from Rural Ethiopia”, Environment for Development (EfD), DP 17-01

14.  Alemu T. and Elias H., (2013), “Shocks and Household Asset Dynamics: Empirical Evidence from Rural Ethiopia”, Paper presented in a conference held on 17 – 19 September 2013 at the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany.

15.  Elias H., and Alemu T., (2012), “What determines microfinance credit officers’ choices of applicants in Ethiopia? Evidence from a field experiment”, Paper presented on the 7th Bi-annual Microfinance conference organized by the Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions (AEMFI), Adama, Ethiopia.