Mesfin Fikre Woldmariam


Main Campus, Registrar building

Office No: 308



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Name Mesfin Fikre Woldmariam
Education Ph.D. in Information Technology
Rank Assistant Professor
AAU experience Since 2005
Positions held Head of Business and Entrepreneurship Research Unit, IDPR
Award (recognition)
Professional Membership Member of Association of Information Systems
Research Interest areas –          Artificial Intelligence for Development

–          Artificial Intelligence for process automation

–          IT leadership and governance

–          The economics of information technology

–          Big data analytics in business and fiancé

Selected Publications

1.      Woldmariam, M. F., Ghinea, G., Atnafu, S., & Groenli, T. M. (2016). Monetary Practices of Traditional Rural Communities in Ethiopia: Implications for New Financial Technology Design. Human–Computer Interaction, 31(6), 473-517.

2.      Mesfin, W., Gronli, T. M., Ghinea, G., & Younas, M. (2015, June). A Mobile Money Solution for Illiterate Users. In Mobile Services (MS), 2015 IEEE International Conference on (pp. 328-335). IEEE.

3.      Woldmariam, M., Ghinea, G., & Atnafu, S. (2014). Towards a digital money structure for illiterate users. Twenty Second European Conference on Information Systems, Tel Aviv 2014.

4.      Woldmariam, M. F., Ghinea, G., Atnafu, S., & Grønli, T. M. (2014, June). Mobile money system design for illiterate users in rural Ethiopia. In International Conference of Design, User Experience, and Usability (pp. 482-491). Springer International Publishing.

5.      Mesfin, W. F. (2012, October). Mobile information systems architecture for everyday money practice. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Management of Emergent Digital EcoSystems (pp. 205-212). ACM

6.      Mesfin, W. F., Atnafu, S., & Ghinea, G. (2013, June). Open air market and mobile money information system requirements. In ICT for Smart Society (ICISS), 2013 International Conference on (pp. 1-6). IEEE.

7.      Mesfin, W. F., Ghinea, G., & Atnafu, S. (2012, October). Towards understanding the rural financial ecosystem in Ethiopia: perspective from case study. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Management of Emergent Digital EcoSystems (pp. 103-108). ACM.

8.     Mesfin Fikre Woldmariam. Understanding Social Relationships and payments among the poor in Ethiopia. A working paper published at This work again featured on Bloomberg Business Week technology, on May 23, 2013.

9.      Blog post (review):