Worku Gebeyehu


Main Campus, Registrar Building

Office No: 308



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Name Worku Gebeyehu
Education Ph.D. in Economics
Rank Assistant Professor
AAU experience Since 2015
Positions held Research Unit Head of Industrial and Trade Research
Award (recognition) African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) scholarship for PhD degree in Economics
Professional Membership Ethiopian Economic Association
Research Interest areas Research Interest: Industrialization and industrial policy, private sector development, trade, macroeconomic issues, social protection and gender


Selected Publications

1.      Worku Gebeyehu Alemayehu, “Trade Reforms, Mark-Ups and Bargaining Power of Workers: The Case of Ethiopian Manufacturing Firms”, Ethiopian Journal of Economics, Vol. XXV No 1, April 2016.

2.      Worku Gebeyehu Alemayehu, “Trade Reforms and Total Factor Productivity: Tanzanian Economic Review, Vol 6, No 1 (2016) – University of Dar es Salaam.

3.      Worku Gebeyehu Alemayehu, “Causal Links among Saving, Investment and Growth and Determinants of Saving in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Ethiopia”, Ethiopian Journal of Economics, Volume XIX, Number 2; October 2010.

4.      Worku Gebeyehu Alemayehu, “Has Privatization Promoted Efficiency in Ethiopia? A Comparative Analysis of Privatized Industries vis-à-vis State Owned and Other Private Industrial Establishments”, Ethiopian Journal of Economics, Vol. 1X, Number 2, October 2000; published in May, 2005.

5.      Worku Gebeyehu Alemayehu, “Performance of the Ethiopian Leather Industry: A Stochastic Frontier Production Function Approach”, Ethiopian Journal of Economics, Volume X, Number 2, 2006.

6.      Worku Gebeyehu Alemayehu, “The Validity of Marshallian Hypothesis among the Ethiopian Tenant Farmers: Efficiency Difference between Sharecropping and Fixed Rent Tenant Farmers”, Journal of Development Studies, Volume 27, Number 1, 2005.

7.      Worku Gebeyehu Alemayehu, Does Type of Tenure Impact on Technical Efficiency of Farmers?” Ethiopian Journal of Economics, Vol. 1X, Number 1, April 2000; published in February 2004.

Book Chapters

1.      Trade Liberalization and Manufacturing Performance in Ethiopia with Prema-Chandra Athukorala, in “Trade, Growth and Inequality in Developing Countries”, Kishor Sharma and Oliver Morrissey (eds), Routledge Studies in Development Economics, Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, London and New York, March 2006

2.      Opportunities and Challenges of Private Sector Development in “Report on the Ethiopian Economy 2013: Private Sector Development in Ethiopia with Particular Emphasis to the Manufacturing Sector, Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA), Addis Ababa.

3.      Industry and Trade Performance with Kibre Moges in the “Fourth Report on the Ethiopian Economy”, EEA/EEPRI, Addis Ababa, (2005).

4.      Research Report on Industrialization and Industrial Policy in Ethiopia”, with Berhanu Nega and Kibre Moges, EEA/EEPRI, Addis Ababa (2005).

5.      Industrialization & Industrial Policy with Kibre Moges in “Third Annual Report on the Ethiopian Economy: Industrialization & Industrial Policy framework for Ethiopia”, EEA/EEPRI, Addis Ababa (2004).

Working Papers

6.      Worku Gebeyehu Alemayehu, “FDI in Ethiopia: Size, Nature and Performance”, EEA/Ethiopian Economic Policy Research Institute, Working Paper No.2/2004;

7.      Berhanu Nega, Kibre Moges and Worku Gebeyehu “Sources and Uses of Export Support Services in Ethiopia”, with, EEA/EEPRI, Working Paper No. 2/2002, Addis Ababa, (2002);

Conference Proceedings

1.      The Performance of Private Industry and the Role of the State, in Proceedings on the Tenth Annual Conference on the Ethiopian Economy: Explaining Economic Growth and Development in Ethiopia”, Nov.2001, Addis Ababa;

2.      Inter and intra Linkages in the Ethiopian Manufacturing Sector, with Kibre Moges, in ‘Proceedings of the Third International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy’, EEA, Addis Ababa (2006). It involved estimation of input and output tables and estimation of backward and forward linkages.