Duties and responsibilities

The Gender Office of the University has duties and responsibilities to:

  • Develop gender standards to ensure that gender is considered in all relevant University processes;
  •  Support all offices in implementing gender standards;
  •  Identify challenges faced by female students and staff of the University and provide or suggest solutions, taking into consideration the capacity of the office;
  •  Mainstream gender in the teaching learning process, training and research activities of the University;
  •  Create networks with other similar offices in higher education institutions for experience sharing and other collaborative initiatives;
  •  Write proposals to raise funds for the Office to carry out different gender-related programs within the University;
  •  Liaise with other governmental and non-governmental organizations to strengthen the capacity of the office;
  •   Work on different gender-related issues raised by students and staff and report to the relevant offices, take appropriate actions and follow up on the progress;
  •   Coordinate support provided to students by the University and other stakeholders;
  •  Initiate and/or strengthen services to groups with special needs.

Major activities of the Office

  • Engaging in capacity building programs;
  •  Developing gender-related policy/guidelines;
  •  Coordinating different supports offered by the University, individuals and NGOs;
  • Creating awareness;
  •  Honoring success;
  •  Delivering services;
  •  Networking and
  •  Carrying out retention and remedial programs.

Units under the Office

  • English language skills training (for female Students)
  • University success program/project