General Guidelines

Quick Guidelines

All of our Quick Guides are in soft copy format. We will improve to hard copy format upon demand. The relevant guidelines will be provided on this section that helps the students and the employers. The university communities and external partnerships. Manuals and proposal will be provided here for the guide of employments and academic resources.

Whether you are a first-year, an alumni, or anywhere in between, the SCDC can assist you on your career process. We offer workshops, resources, individual appointments with a career counselor, entrepreneurship training and drop-in hours each day.


  • CDC Services
  • Career Self-Awareness
  • Career Exploration

Learn about Career Pathways and learn about yourself.

  • Start thinking about what to major in and what you can do with that major.
  • Take career assessments to learn more about your workplace preferences and interests.
  • Helpful Quick Start Guides: Career Self-Awareness, Career Exploration, and Graduate School


  • Cover Letters
  • Resumes
  • Using LinkedIn
  • Professional Online Presence

Create the materials that will help you land in your preferred career.

  • Your job search writing may include writing your first resume, transitioning your high school resume, or tailoring a resume to fit a specific job description.
  • Learn about optimal formatting and content for cover letters.
  • Design your professional online presence: from a LinkedIn profile, to social media platforms, and even your own website.
  • Helpful Quick Start Guides: Writing a Resume, Writing a Cover Letter, Using LinkedIn, and Professional Online Manifestation


  • Job Search
  • Networking
  • Professional Etiquette
  • Informational Interviewing

People and resources will help you gain knowledge and experience along your career path.

  • Networking is an important part of establishing yourself as a professional.
  • We understand it can feel scary or awkward at first, but the SCDC can connect you with alumni who work in a field of interest or at a specific organization.
  • Connect with potential employers at on-campus recruitment events or job fairs as well as industry internship.
  • Informational interviewing is a way to grow your network and learn about opportunities.
  • Helpful Quick Start Guides: Networking, Informational Interviewing, and Professional Protocol


  • Job Interviewing
  • Negotiating & Navigating the Workplace
  • Career Search Stress Management

When you are ready to launch your career, the SCDC is ready to help: from job postings on Handshake to Connect trips to Job Fairs on campus.

  • Counselors at the SCDC can help you prepare for a job interview and do mock interviews.
  • Helpful Quick Start Guides: Starting a Job Search, Job Interviewing, Navigating the Workplace, and Career-Related Stress Management