Implemented Projects

Major Projects Implemented

Reversing the tide of environmental degradation in the Horn of Africa by improving environmental governance

In 2006 the Faculty of Science was awarded a capacity building grant from the Kingdom of the Netherlands Embassy to setup a regional program in the Horn of Africa to address the environmental challenges and reverse the tide of environmental degradation. The three-year project ended in June 2011 with two years budget neutral extension.  The project has the following set of objectives:

  1. Establish the Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre and Network (HoAREC&N);
  2. Organize annual regional meeting of the network members (HoAREM));
  3. Upgrade the capacity of the network members;
  4. Support the establishment of the Gullele Botanic Garden (GBG);
  5. Promote demand driven action research at higher learning institutions ; and
  6. Establish partnership programmes

The project had 9 million USD grant and it was evaluated by PricewaterhouseCoppers Associates using OECD criteria (relevance, effectiveness, impact, sustainability, and efficiency) when ended in 2011.

Capacity building in integrated river basin management for higher education institutions to support emerging river basin organizations (2009-2012)

In 2009 the Social and Ecological Partnership Programmeand the Faculty of Technology of Addis Ababa University in partnership with UNISECO-IHE and Wageningen University in the Netherlands were awarded 1.5 million € from Nuffic, the Netherlands organisation for international cooperation in higher education,to strengthen the capacity of the emerging twelve river basin organizations. The project objectives were to

  • Start graduate programmes in integrated river basin management in eight selected universities (Addis Ababa, Arbaminch, Mekele, Bahirdar, Hawasw, Haremaya, Jimma and Dilla);
  • Establish University Water Sector Partnership (UWSP) to enhance collaboration with water sector organizations.

The project was successfully completed in June 2012.  Addis Ababa, Mekele and Arbaminch Universities launched MSc programees in integrated river basin management. Two staff members, one each from Arbaminch and Mekele universities,have been enrolled for theirPhD studies in the Netherlands. Currently, the University Water Partnership Programme is hosted at HoAREC&N.