HoAREN –Ethiopian Chapter

The Horn of Africa Regional Environment Network (HoAREN) – Ethiopian Chapter

About the Ethiopian Chapter

The Horn of Africa Regional Environment Network (HoAREN) members in Ethiopia make up the largest national contingent of HoA-REN – 22 members, representing 40% of the Network. It consists of members and partners from endogenous environmental Community-based Organizations – (CBOs), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), academic and research institutions, as well as government bodies, businesses and international organizations working on environmental issues in the region.

HoA-REC&N held a reactivation meeting for the Ethiopian Chapter in order to maintain and re-energize the National Chapter.

The meeting, held on the 7th of February 2013 at RasAmba Hotel in Addis Ababa, was aimed at raising awareness of the current status of the Network and strengthening collaboration, and synergy among Network member organizations.

This meeting provided HoA-REN-Ethiopia member organizations with an opportunity to thoroughly discuss develop and finalize basic legal documents as well as form committees and taskforces for the proper functioning of the Ethiopian Chapter. It has also contributed to strengthening the regional Network for an in-depth understanding of the role of Network members in the sustainable management of natural resources.

HoA-REN Ethiopia Objectives

  • To bring member organizations closer together for synergy and cooperation;
  • To build the capacity of member organizations and create an enabling environment for sustainable development;
  • To conduct Demand Driven Action Research (DDAR) and strengthen linkage between the academia and NGOs/CBOs via a learning by doing approach;
  • To strengthen communications and interaction between member organizations and partners (utilizing available media options and garner their support and commitment to strengthen collaboration amongst regional Network members);
  • To ensure the participation of HoA-REN Ethiopiamember organizations in the annual general meeting (HoAREM) and bring together nationaland regional Network members for better environmental impact;
  • To promote environmental sustainability and governance by supporting partner organizations and lobby and advocate for sustainable natural resource management through the concerted effort of Network members of the Ethiopian Chapter and their partners.

Program Activities Undertaken

  • National Focal Point (NFP- Chairperson) and Deputy National Focal Point (DNFP- Vice Chairperson)and Secretary of HoA-REN-Ethiopia have been appointed to bring member organizations closer together for synergy and cooperation and help strengthen the National Chapter;
  • A Projects Coordination Standing Committee and DDAR Steering Committees have been established and have embarked on handling businesses;
  • Working documents such as Terms of Reference (ToR) and guidelines have been developed formalized and are being implemented.

An ad-hoc committee has been appointed to support the finalization of working documents that will be developed by the standing committees, as deemed necessary.

  • A taskforce has been established to represent HoA-REN Ethiopia and work closely with the Center in order to participate in the logistics, selection of the theme for the regional meeting and on the development of sub-themes for presentation at the regional meeting.
  • A yearly action plan and budget has been developed in consultation with the PCSC and finalized and approved as a framework guideline to implement trans-boundary activities.
  • The HoA-REN Ethiopia monthly forum has been held on a quarterly basis.

Program Achievements

  • The HoA-REN Ethiopia Chapter is re-activated and its activities are being carried out.
  • HoA-REN Ethiopia members are now aware of the current status and activities of the Network.
  • Strengthened collaboration is created among members of the National Chapter so as to work in a complementary manner.

HoA-REN Ethiopia is dynamic, and collaboration is strengthened amongst its members contributing towards making the regional Network fully functional.

Future Activities

  • Bringing member organizations closer togetherfor more cooperation and impact;
  • Upgrading the capacity of members;
  • Strengthening linkage between academia and CBOs/NGOs;
  • Using available media options to support and promote sustainable development and buildup a regional environmental database;
  • Raising environmental awareness;
  • Bringing regional Network members closer for more impact;
  • A yearly action plan and budget is finalized and will be approved by member organizations as a framework guideline to be implemented by the Secretariat.



Asmeret K/Mariam

HoA-REN – Ethiopian Network Coordinator

Email: asmeretk@hoarec.org

Tel: +251 (0) 118-958267