Welcome to the Center for Human Rights


 The Center for Human Rights is established with the mission of promoting human rights through multidisciplinary research, training and community service programs.

The Centre for Human Rights was established in October 2008 as part of Addis Ababa University’s epistemological and structural shift from a primarily undergraduate studies’ institution to a research-oriented graduate university. The Centre for Human Rights has the mission of advancing the rule of law, democratic governance and human rights in Ethiopia through high-end research, teaching and community services.

Currently, the Centre for Human Rights is organized under the College of Law and Governance Studies, established in 2012 as umbrella institution for the Center, the Institute of Federal Studies and the School of Law.

The Centre for Human Rights is housed at the Kifle Wodajo Memorial Center for Peace, Human Rights, and Democracy, located at the FBE Campus of Addis Ababa University.


The Center for Human Rights is located in the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) campus of Addis Ababa University at Sidist Kilo.

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