Governance Structure and Research Modality

Governance Structure and Research Modality
The Institute is organized and operated in an autonomous manner. It has an Advisory Board, a Director, an Institute Council and research and support units.  The research units are the core units responsible for undertaking research while support units provide administrative, resource mobilization and capacity building supports to the Institute in general and to the research units in particular. The research units are organized on the basis of the development needs of the country.  These units are:
•    Rural Development Unit
•    Environment and Natural Resource Management Unit,
•    Industrial Development and Trade Unit
•    Urban Management and Development Unit
•    Gender and Population Unit
•    Public Policy and Governance Unit
•    Economic Unit
•    Business Research and Entrepreneurship Unit,
•    Culture, Indigenous Knowledge System and Development Unit

The Advisory Board provides overall guidance to the Institute and oversees the activities of the Institute.  The Director is the chief executive who manages the day-to-day activities of the Institute and serves as the official representative of the Institute.  The Institute Council deliberates on and makes decisions on the Institute’s research ideas and activities and research projects, reviews the progress of research projects and approves the Institute’s research plans and budgets.

The research modality in the Institute involves research undertakings both by the core staff of the Institute and the wider faculty members of the University.  With regard to the latter, the Institute mobilizes the various expertise and talents in the different colleges of the University to undertake collaborative and interdisciplinary research.