A joint doctoral research program in development studies is launched in 2021/2022 academic year by the Institute of Development and Policy Research of Addis Ababa University and International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University. The goal of the program is to produce high level professionals in development studies with strong theoretical, analytical and interpretation skills. The main objective of the program is to:

  • Create highly qualified professionals in development and policy issues with core competencies in research,
  • Produce competent professional who could teach in higher education institutions, and
  • Produce professionals in leadership and development studies that can lead development and policy issues.
Admission Requirements

Recruitment procedures will be taken care of by both universities. Prospective candidates for the PhD program in Development Studies are expected to meet the following requirements:

  1. The partner Universities shall appoint a joint admission committee for the recruitment and selection of the candidates;
  2. Candidates shall be evaluated by the joint Admission Committee at both universities and need to fulfil the formal admission criteria of both ISS and AAU. These include:
    • MA/MSc degree, minimally at B+ level (the MA/MSc thesis should be with the grade of at least
very good (AAU) or equivalent (80 and above for ISS)
    • Motivation statement
    • CV
    • Strong recommendation letters from two referees; academic and employer
    • Graduate admission test.
    • Good proposal (proposal to be reviewed by IDPR and ISS)
    • Research topic (proposal) in line with research focus of ISS and AAU. IDPR research areas are Environment and land, migration, social protection, health, structural/rural transformation, unemployment/employment creation, indigenous knowledge. ISS research areas are: conflict and
peace, environment and climate change, migration and diversity, and social protection and inequality.
    • Once admitted, candidates will be expected to fulfil the course work requirements set by both universities.
  1. Candidates have to register at both universities.
  2. Candidates shall observe the rules and customs of both universities.
  3. Candidates who have been admitted to the joint doctorate program cannot switch to the single degree program at either university.