Mission and Vision


The Institute of Educational Research aspires to be the center of excellence in educational research, training, and testing through extensive usage of modern information and communication technologies at all levels so as to bring about change and improvement in the educational system of the country, which will in turn improve the socio-cultural and economic life of the society.


The overall mission of the IER is to foster educational research, testing, training and consultancy services in education and related fields. More specifically, the missions of the Institute are to:

  • Promote educational research that would enable educational practitioners and policy maker make informed decisions;
  • Enhance the dissemination of educational research outputs through nationally and internationally recognized journals and related publications;
  • Coordinate or organize various forums (such as, conferences, workshops and seminars) for exchanging and disseminating research findings and information on education;
  • Develop and administer local diagnostic and educational tests, and administer international examinations;
  • Provide pedagogic training to academic staff in higher education institutions;
  • Support academic staff in higher education institutions by building their capacity through various forms of training;
  • Provide training and consultancy services for other institutions, the public and policy makers.

Motto & Logo if any

Seek Wisdom, Elevate your Intellect and Serve Humanity