Current Director Short Biography

Belay Hagos

Belay Hagos Hailu (PhD)

The current Director of Institute of Educational research, Dr. Belay Hagos Hailu, holds BA degree in General Psychology (Addis Ababa University, 1990), MA degree in Educational Psychology (Addis Ababa University, 1996) and PhD degree in Special Needs Education (Addis Ababa University, 2012). Dr. Belay started his academic career as an assistant lecturer in Jimma Institute of Health Sciences, now called Jimma University, and served for nine years there. Then after, Dr. Belay joined Addis Ababa University on June 2002 as a lecturer in the Department of Psychology. In 2003, Dr. Belay was appointed assistant Dean of College of Education and Coordinator of Teacher Development Program (TDP) for over five years, until 2008. Dr. Belay then served as the Chair of the Department of Special Needs Education, College of Education and Behavioral Studies, Addis Ababa University (2012-2013). At the moment, Dr. Belay is the Director of IER and the Supervisor of Testing Center since April 2015. Dr. Belay also offers courses at doctoral, graduate and undergraduate levels. Currently, under the supervision of Dr. Belay, IER runs eighteen research projects funded by the Addis Ababa University and one international joint research project (RISE Ethiopia) funded DIFD in partnership with Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI) and the University of Cambridge, UK.

Current Director (Telephone, University Mobile, University email ID, Office Location, Building no. Room No.)

Office telephone -0111239654

Mobile- 0913766407

University mobile – 0911242543

University email ID-

Alternative email:

Alternative email ID-

Campus – Sidist Kilo

Building – IER Building (B79)

Office no. – 001

IER Academic Staff Profile

  1. Belay Hagos Hailu ( Current Director)
  2. Abdinasir Ahmed Ibrahim
  3. Derebssa Dufera Serbessa
  4. Berhanu Abera Kibret ( Head for Higher education Research and Training)
  5. Desalegn Chalchisa Jebena
  6. Mulu Nega Kahsay
  7. Wossenu Yimam Amedie
  8. Daniel Desta Dolisso
  9. Wanna Leka Meredo
  10. Girma Lemma Fantaye
  11. Kidist Belete Shibeshi

IER Administrative Staff Profile

 N  Name  Position  Office telephone  University email ID  Office Location  Building No  Room No
1 Ketsela Mengistu Abakewe Test and Measurement Head 0111239714 IER B79 032
2 Tigist Dilnessa Etsub Test Administrator 0111239714 IER B79 032
3 Ayneabeba Amenu Yirdaw Test Scorer I 0111239714 IER B79 032
4 Aster Aseged Abe Test Scorer II 0111239714 IER B79 032
5 Meaza Bizuneh Desta Administrative Asst. II 0111242370 IER B79 012
6 Mulugojam Alemu Antehungn Property and Store 0111239654 IER B79 030
7 Medhin G/Egziabeher Kidane Executive Secretary I 0111239654 IER B79 002
8 Ferhiwote Waleligne Geremew  Secretary II 0111239654 IER B79 035
9 Berhane Seid Ali Cleaner & Messenger 0111239654 IER B79 006
10 Kuri Getahun Yegeletu Cleaner & Messenger 0111239654 IER B79 006