Aklilu Yilma

Aklilu Yilma

Associate Professor


(Forthcoming) ‘Sociolinguistic Profile of Ethiopian Languages”, Proceedings of the 5th IES Annual workshop;

(Forthcoming) ‘Special language use among private garage workers in Addis Ababa’, Proceedings of the 4th IES Annual workshop;

(Forthcoming) ‘የኢትዮጵያ ÌNÌãች/ዘዬዎች ቆጠራና ስርጭት’, Proceedings of the 3rd IES Annual workshop;

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Research Outcomes Posted on www.sil.org website:

(The study was carried out during a Joint venture between IES and the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL))

  1. “A sketch of the Nayi grammar.”

2002  “Pilot survey of bilingualism in Yem.”

2002  “Sociolinguistic survey report of the Nayi language of Ethiopia.”

  1. “Sociolinguistic survey report on the Chara language of Ethiopia.”
  2. “Sociolinguistic report on the survey of little-known languages of Ethiopia.” (Co-author Klaus Wedekind)
  3. “Oromo sentence repetition test and its development.” (Co-author Klaus Wedekin
  4. “Sociolinguistic survey of the Omotic languages, Sheko and Yem.” (Co- authors Ralph and Kati Siebert).
  5. “Fast linguistic assessment of multilingualism in Ethiopia (F.L.A.M.E.): a progress report.”
  6. “Sociolinguistic survey report of the Chara, Dime, Melo and Nayi languages of Ethiopia part 1.” (Co-author Ralph Siebert)
  7. “Sociolinguistic survey of the Omotic languages, Sheko and Yem.” (Co- authors Ralph and Kati Siebert).

Papers presented at Seminars, Symposia, National and International Conferences

2008 ‘Chara verb morphology’, paper presented at the 5th International Conference of
Cushitic-Omotic Languages , April 16-18, 2008, Paris, France.

2006 ‘Linguistic Characteristics of Jargons used in Addis Ababa’ paper presented at the 5th World Congress of African Linguistics, August 7th – 11th , 2006, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

2005 ‘Changes in Women Speech among Some Highland East Cushitic Languages, paper presented at International conference on Endangered Ethiopian languages, April 27-30, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

1998 ‘Inventory of Ethiopian Languages’ Paper Presented at the 11th Annual Seminar of the Institute of Language studies, June 1997, Addis Ababa.

1996 ‘Survey of Linguistic Studies and Inventory of the Languages spoken in Southern Nation, Nationalities and People Region’, Paper Presented at the Region’s Language Studies and Development Conference, April 3-6, 1997, Awassa, Ethiopia;

1997 ‘A Sociolinguistic Description of Ongota (Biraile)’, Paper to be presented at an International Conference on Endangered Languages of Africa, July 27-Aug. 1, 1997, Leipzig, Germany

1996 ‘Some Notes on the Chara Language’, Paper presented at the Language Conference of Kotebe Teacher College of Teacher Education, November 1996.

1992 ‘Comparative Majoid Morphology’, Paper presented at 2nd National Conference of Ethiopian Studies. Sept. 5-7, 1993, Addis Ababa.

1991 ‘Proto-Majoid phonology’, Paper presented at 11th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies April 1-6, 1991, Addis Ababa.

1989 ‘Aspects of Sheko Morphology’ Paper presented at the Second International Symposium of Cushitic and Omotic Studies. Nov. 3-7, 1989, Turin, Italy.

1988 ‘Sheko phonology and Morphophonemics’, Paper presented at 10th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies, August 23-26, 1988, Paris

1987 ‘Historical Survey of Linguistic studies in Ethiopia’, Paper presented at the Fourth Annual Seminar of the Institute of Language studies, June 1987, Addis Ababa. (Manuscript written in Amharic)


2015 ‘Proceedings of the 17th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies’, AAU Printing Press (Co-editor with Dr. Ahmed Hasen).

Assisted editing the book entitled ‘በመተባበር መማር’ produced by Alemahyehu

Tekle Mariam entitled boG2016