Audiovisual and Periodical

The audiovisual and periodical materials are any recorded sound and/or moving and/or still image items. The term is also used for contents of the collections of all types of library and information services regarding sound and still or moving images. We regard digitization of audiovisual collections as a way of providing access in the future to old and usually closed archives of audio and video materials, holding an important part of our memory, as a major link to the past. Here, we will mention several types of carriers of analog and digital formats for sound and image, as well as very old periodical materials in terms of service life but have unique value for scholars and intended to be digitized. The audiovisual and periodical section holds the following items and which are intended to be digitized:

  •  Still images, objects, texts, and audio-visual materials. Still images will include pictures, photographs, maps, posters, manuscripts and sheet music which will be digitally captured directly from the physical items. Objects include a wide range of artifacts; these are also subjected to capture as still images.
  • Text includes newspapers and journals. In some cases – notably newspapers –will be digitized from microfilm, while others are digitized directly from the items.
  • Analogue sound and audio-visual recordings need conversion from analog to the digital format. Some digital recordings need to be transferred from physical carriers to mass digital storage. Specifically some of these materials are:
    •  about 2,000 periodicals,
    • 290 photographic albums,
    • 38,000 individual photographs;
    • over 16,000 reels of microfilms,
    • 120 boxes of microfiche;
    • Over 1,000 slides, pamphlets, invitation cards, private letters and correspondences, maps, and audio and video tapes.