Community Outreach

EIWR’s Outreach system catalyzes an innovative en­gagement of partnering universities with the community in water related economic, social, cultural, environmental, and educational issues. Outreach facilitates the link between academia and community, transformation of scientific concepts into action through the application of teaching, research, and knowledge resources of partnering universities with benefit to the communities throughout the nation.

WASH -Innovative Latrine Built around Hawassa

EIWR has piloted two sustainable dry latrines (VIP) at Chefe Koti Jebesa and Bushello primary schools near Hawassa town, serving more than 1400 girl students.  EIWR used UNICEF, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy 2010 have designed guidelines as a starting point for the latrines but then added modification based on feedback from the community.  The latrines were completed in July, 2014.

Innovative Water Supply Technology

De-fluoridation in Kori

Through a University/Private partnership, EIWR has facilitated the design and production of a replicable de-fluoridation vessel that is being developed and tested on the ground in collaboration with the Afar Regional State.  In Afar, despite the availability of a huge ground water potential, and increasing investments the ground water quality of various parts of the region is found to be highly affected with natural or geo-genic contaminants, specifically high level of dissolved fluoride.  Consequently, there exists a critical need to adapt standard community level de-fluoridation technologies and practices that suits to the local societal and economic conditions in Ethiopia.

The focus of this university-private sector-community partnership engagement lies on caring on a synthesis of existing and previous efforts and developing more sustainable and affordable design, production and marketing options as well as community empowerment solutions, so that development goals can be become a reality.

USAID provided funding to EIWR to address the water system challenges in Kori Afar region through the study, design, development and installation of a de-fluoridation vessel and the water supply scheme.  In collaboration with the Mechanical Engineering Department and Chemistry Departments at Addis Ababa University, EIWR has designed a new fluoride removal vessel.  In preparation for installing this device, the Afar Regional State Water Bureau has invested over 8.8 million Birr to construct two water reservoirs, and install pipes from the reservoir to the cooling system, storage unit, and cattle trough. Manufacturing of the vessel is done by Tsehay Roschli Industrial & Agricultural Engineering Selam Children Village Company, Addis Ababa. The inauguration ceremony will be held Mid-September 2014.

Drinking Water Fountains in Primary School

And also water supply fountains were installed at Chefe Jebesa and Bushello primary schools near Hawassa town. The inauguration, ceremony together with that of the innovative school latrine, took place on July 14, 2014.

Undergraduate Summer Camp

Preparations have been finalized for summer undergraduate outreach activities which will involve 100 students from the five partnering universities (Mekele, BahirDar, Addis Ababa, Hawassa and Arba Minch) in July – August 2014.  Students will educate rural families about WASH and promote health behavior changes while gathering basic WASH assessment data on water access and sanitation challenges in their communities.


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